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   Projects characteristics

Pjd, The company carries out projects of small and medium sizes in the commercial and residential sectors. Those include installation, repairs and modernizations. All works are carried out in accordance with the previously established plan. Our projects are insured under a professional indemnity policy.

 ""Bespoke bathrooms London, Fitting, Remodeling, Installation""
 ""Bespoke bathrooms London, Fitting, Remodeling, Installation""

Remodelling, it is a kind of multi-concept, interference in different areas of the project. Our company deals with almost all aspects of remodelling based on removing walls, construction of new partitions, planning and division of dwellings for the rooms, openings for new doors, windows etc.

IMG_4165 (956x1280).jpg

Painting, as we all know is one of the last aspects of the renovation, considering how long our company existing, and how many renovations we have made, through the past years, at the end of each painting and decorating was the final task. 

Painting of  the room (walls, ceilings, woodwork, etc.) We

always use presented best-branded paints.

And we assist our clients in selecting colours.

All electrical work carried out by the PJD, are consistent with the seventeenth edition and are carried out by a competent electrician.

a) new electric points

b) lighting

c) Under Floor Heating

d) Heated mirrors etc


Bathrooms, by looking in our gallery you can see a few pictures of the finished bathroom.

Complete bathroom remodelling, that's this what we can be proud of.

Our Wetrooms, showers, jacuzzi, bathrooms, are design and build to serve and last long.


PJD deals with carpentry ranging from small cabinetry like, built-in wardrobes, shelves, installation of kitchens, windows, doors, skirting boards etc.

To larger projects such as loft roof structure, Garden decking,

 ""Bespoke bathrooms London, Fitting, Remodeling, Installation""

PJD we assemble all types of kitchens, starting with standard

the cheap one, few units one, ending on handcrafted kitchens such as: made to size, kitchen units, oak cabinets, built-in wardrobes, etc

All our wooden works could be painted by hand by using a brush or spray.


"Bespoke bathrooms London, Fitting, Remodeling, Installation"


""Bespoke bathrooms London, Fitting, Remodeling, Installation""

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