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PJD showed up on the English market in the year 2003.

The company was founded by Piotr (Peter D) residing in London since 1998

Peter is the origin of Pole who emigrated to England 

As an educated builder he started his work in this business, and for a few years, he worked for a couple of London companies, developing your skills.

In 2000, he opened his private business "PJD General Building". PJD exists still present today and is a successfully developing company. Now, after so many years of activity in the construction industry, PJD enjoys success among its customers, in the residential and commercial market.

PJD specialises in installing bathrooms, kitchen, free-standing and built-in wardrobes, shelvings, loft conversions, adaptation of basements, painting & decorating, etc.

Our workers, as experienced builders know how to satisfy our customers.

We always give our best, helping to assist in planning, advising on materials and design if needed.

For all our works clients get one-year free guarantee.

which means that how something will break down within a year after installation

We come to fix for free, as it is, of course, no fault of the manufacturer or it is not something destroyed by vandalism.

As a company, we also have a discount in construction stores.

Our decorators fully understand the requirements of clients about maintaining fine on site. We employ the most skilled people in the professions. All electrical and plumbing works are certificated.

"Bespoke bathrooms London, Fitting, Remodeling, Installation"


""Bespoke bathrooms London, Fitting, Remodeling, Installation""

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